Optimal Design of Experiments -
Theory and Application

International Conference in Honor of the late Jagdish Srivastava
Satellite Conference of the 58th ISI World Statistics Congress, Dublin 2011

Vienna, September 25th – 30th, 2011

The Center of Experimental Design and the Institute of Applied Statistics and Computing of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria are organizing an international conference on experimental design. This conference is devoted to theoretical developments as well as practical applications of experimental design. The conference is open to both researchers and practitioners. The organizers welcome papers devoted to both the development of mathematical theory and related algorithms, as well as practical applications. The conference is also open to those who would like to participate without presenting a paper. It follows the traditions of St. Petersburg Workshops on Simulation and European Workshops on Model Oriented Data Analysis (MODA).

The conference will take place at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna.

Usually at the end of September, the weather in Vienna is at its best. Art and culture have a long tradition in Vienna, including theater, opera, classical music and fine arts. Participants will be able to take advantage of the art and culture of this historic city.

The working language of the conference is English.

     Jagdish Srivastava      Jagdish Srivastava

unfortunately we learned that Jagdish passed away on November 18th, 2010 – therefore we will hold our conference in honour of him with a special Srivastava – session. It will be organized by Subir Ghosh.

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